Before any artist and their manager hires me they have usually hit a point where change is crucial for the long-term success of their careers, tours and overall wellbeing.

Here are the 3 vital lessons artists and their teams learn in the first 2 weeks of working with me, and why it’s crucial for wellbeing and longevity;

1. What cultivating RADICAL self-care looks and feels like and how to create it as a habit

With the overwhelm and reality of being in the spotlight your body, energy and mind is forced to catch up. We are not prepared for the chaos and often trauma is triggered when living in the spotlight in high-intensity environments. Through cultivating unwavering self-care my clients create a structure for self care which immediately dissolves anxiety, stress and imposter syndrome.

2. The importance of highly effective COMMUNICATION as a touring team

Communicating effectively is the KEY to cohesion, trust and longevity. Quite often communication under pressure is reactive and leads to unwanted problems with GREAT people. My simple methods for effective listening and communicating will completely change the dynamics of the group (for the long haul).

3. RESILIENCE is not about being stronger. It’s about being vulnerable and feeling worthy of success so you can come back stronger every time

Leaning into your edges of self-awareness where you would usually run is the ONLY way to sustain a dynamic career. Carving out time for coaching whilst on tour will save you from burnout mentally. The decisions you make are stepping stones to fulfilling your highest potential OR pulling you further away.

"Coaching is priceless and alters the entire tour experience" 
- from the words of one of my clients.

If you have a career that takes you around the world with gruelling schedules – you’ll want to understand and embody the energetics of sustainability.

This is the “how-to” swim in the deep end of chaos, remain grounded and in control of your emotions sustaining the dream you worked SO HARD FOR.

If you are interested in the energetics of living in a high-intensity environment, get in touch.


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In an industry dependent on long hours, gruelling schedules, poor well-being and comprised nutrition, I’m on a mission to flip the switch and transform the industry, to provide a nurturing hub for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing; which is key to building sustainable artists and careers in the music industry” – Nancy Lipman

With a career spanning over 20 years in the music and media industry, Nancy has successfully identified, developed, coached and mentored high-calibre talent, both locally and internationally.

Nancy’s own creative and professional evolution allows her to empathise and holistically connect to the artists’ journey. Walking the walk from DJ to Artist Agency Director, to Certified Life Coach and internationally qualified NLP Practitioner, Nancy has niched her accreditations, business acumen and industry kudos to authentically lead and nurture high-end artists, crew and management from studio to stage.

Nancy’s exclusive Wingwoman methodology combines her wealth of experience, passion and focuses for the artists’ well-being to deliver prevention strategies for both on and off tour challenges. Nancy is on a mission to nurture and intuitively support high-end music artists to reduce the highs and lows of the music industry, creating positive and sustainable mindsets to ensure ongoing success and longevity for the busiest and most successful artists in the world

If you are feeling low and are seeking assistance please check out any of these resources for more information and support.

Support Act – 1800 959 500

Beyond Blue – 1300 46 36

Backline – Fill out their on line contact form to be connected with a case manager

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