Here’s what I know, and believe; by supporting and nurturing an artist we help and inspire millions of people and fans around the world.

Think about that moment you hear a song, and it connects with you so deeply you are moved to tears, goosebumps or joy. There is a connection that happens between you, the song and the artist.

See, fans care so deeply about their favourite artists, they become like family to us. We connect with artists when we need an outlet, inspiration, a dance, to cry or just too chill.

We rely on our artists to keep us entertained, to write us new music, perform new amazing tours (annually would be everyones dream!) and help us escape our reality into a magical experience.

The pressure an artist faces is extraordinary, and when we help one artist we help millions.


Completely in awe and inspired by Ariana Grande and what she has delivered this year is truly extraordinary. Ariana shows us what is possible when we push through, trust our guts and connect deeply with fans like never before. She is literally the Queen right now.

Sweetner Tour 2019


Here are 4 ways a coach can take your artistry to the next level and connect you even more deeply with your fans;

  1. A coach is like a personal trainer, for the mind, body and soul. We work with you looking at the future, not the past. It is not therapy so much, it is designing how you truly want to feel in your life and music career. You will reveal things about yourself you didn’t even know you wanted, and then we make them happen.
  2. A coach is not invested in your business financially, we are invested in you emotionally. Your emotional state drives your business. How you feel about yourself, and delivering that to an audience drives your connection. Fans want to know the real you, they want the juice. Working with a coach will uncover your hidden gems and you will feel a sense of freedom.
  3. Coaches are trained to work with emotions like anxiety, self worth, energy, online wellbeing and are completely committed to you and your emotional state. At the start of the article I talked about your fans, showing up for them authentically every day, moving through negativity online takes courage and loads of self love. Build the resilience muscle with ease.
  4. We look at your schedule and integrate a wellbeing plan into your tour. This is not to be undervalued. This is changing the game for artists I am working with. When you have a coach to keep your mental wellness, physical state, and overall wellbeing as a priority it has a ripple effect and millions of fans, crew and management also reap the rewards.

This article was written for the serious artist who’s mission is to have a long term career in the music industry. Nothing will get in your way, you are curious about what it’s going to take to feel at peace with yourself, and your fans and community are your haven.

If you are ready to go next level, or even suss out a wellbeing plan for your next tour please contact me for a clarity call anytime.

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Nancy Lipman has a career spanning over 20 years in the music, media and corporate industries identifying, developing, coaching and mentoring high-calibre talent both locally and internationally.

A DJ, personal development and business guru, Nancy has run her own successful artist agency since 2011. Strategically and intuitively understanding her clients, with laser like focus on wellbeing, Nancy is on a mission to create positive, successful careers for artists in the music industry.

Nancy is the founder of WingWoman, a coaching and mentoring company supporting the business and personal life of an artist in the music industry.