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After working with a number of artists in the music business, there are common challenges that need addressing whilst building their careers. The most common; coping with comments and negativity on social media, exhaustion and keeping up with touring schedules and the vulnerability of actually putting music out there in the world.

Resilience is learning how to bounce back from a challenge and stay focused on your mission. It is doing whatever it takes to ensure you can keep going and not something that comes naturally to us.

Here are 4 tips to cultivate resilience even when it feels to hard:

  1. When a challenge or painful experience arises, rather than view it as the worst thing in the world, look at it as an opportunity for personal / business growth, and keep things in perspective. If you experience a challenge or set back it means you are putting yourself out there and you should feel PROUD.
  2. Remind yourself daily (set up a daily practice) that it takes an extremely resilient person to reach personal and big vision business goals. What if you turned negative situations into reasons for going even harder after your dreams. Your determination inspires thousands of people around you. Believe in your mission, everyday.
  3. Prevention techniques are the most effective strategies for life. If you had strategies to work through the toughest of challenges in your career, how would that effect your resilience levels? How much more empowered could you feel? Prevention strategies are key for personal development.
  4. Could you trust that the very thing that happened was meant to happen that way? Call it faith, god, spirituality, enlightenment or acceptance, accepting the challenge and letting it go without drama and resistance is key for building resilience.
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I hope this has helped you on your journey to cultivating resilience. I would love to hear about how you have picked yourself up and been bold enough to keep flying. Reach out and get in touch.

Nancy Lipman, Wing Woman.