Surely we can all relate to this.

After suffering sleep deprivation when I lost my father in 2009, I embarked on a sleep healing journey and met every sleep specialist in Sydney to find solutions and get my life back.

Sadly, nothing seemed to work long term and I found myself feeling very discouraged.

It wasn’t until I started to study, teach and integrate energy work that regular deep 8 hour sleep became possible for me. Even if I was feeling incredibly anxious I was still able to sleep and go back to sleep through cultivating this method.

Working with artists and creatives we are known to be over thinkers and can find it incredibly hard to switch off. Add on global tours and crazy schedules sleep deprivation is a challenge we face so having the tools to prevent it is vital.

Take this seriously and make it a regular ritual. Even if you are worlds best sleeper this will benefit you to get into deep relaxation before bed.

Here are the 5 steps that saved me (and my clients) get back to sleep in the middle of the night:

1. Accept It & Get Up – Laying in bed tossing and turning will manifest into more anxiety, overthinking and the body goes into overdrive. Get up and go to another room – this will break your state and take the focus off fear and worry.

2. Sit Down and Be Still – Create a comfortable place you can sit down at and be still. The couch, the floor with cushions, anywhere that feels safe and cosy. Connect to your breathe and tell yourself everything is going to be ok.

3. Deep Breathes – Put one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly, close your eyes and take at least 10 – 20 breathes. Count in for 4, hold for 6 and release for 8 seconds. Do this until you feel deeply relaxed.

4. Release – Communicate and release anything on your mind. Speak it out loud, journal, pray, write a list, GET IT ALL OUT. Affirm to yourself, ‘I feel safe and protected everything is working out for me.’

5. Gratitude – This may sound crazy however is an incredibly important part of the process. Be grateful that you had an opportunity to release what was on your mind. Listen to anything that comes through as intuitive guidance. Saying thank you for this moment puts the body into a peaceful state.

6. Get Back into Bed – Get back into bed when you feel relaxed and complete. Let the feelings of safety wash all over your body. Just knowing we are safe and going to be OK is a huge part of resolving this issue – let your self fall naturally back to sleep.

I cannot express how much this process will help you and anyone else you may know that has this annoying problem. This has changed my life and really helped me turn a major issue into a powerful time to release anxious energy.

Let me know how you go!

If you are feeling low and are seeking assistance please check out any of these resources for more information and support.

Support Act – 1800 959 500

Beyond Blue – 1300 46 36

Backline – Fill out their on line contact form to be connected with a case manager

MusiCares – Fill out their online form to be connected with a case manager

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