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My Story

Coming from a broken family, I was in turmoil in my teenage years. I lacked confidence, felt like a failure and had little to no self-worth. At 16 years old my entrepreneurial musician father came to get me from school and took me under his wing – travelling the world on business trips.

My life changed – I saw the transformational work he was doing in the world, and I saw what was possible for me. By 17 I was skiing in Aspen with Tony Robbins, hanging out with John Denver and doing weekend workshops with Robert Kiyosaki. This had an incomparable impact on my life and who I am today.

I am on a mission to empower artists all over the world to SHINE in the SPOTLIGHT, use their voice and be the change-makers using their platforms.

What One (Wo) man Can Do

Nancy Lipman is a humanitarian-centred thought leader who is disrupting the music industry to create meaningful change and generate an impressive worldwide impact.

With over 20 years of professional experience in the music and media space, Nancy’s multi-faceted career provides her necessary expertise, knowledge, and in-depth understanding of a complex and ever-changing industry.

Nancy’s mission is a transformational global journey driven by a proven belief, that those of influence can utilize their voice and platform to create meaningful positive global change.

Like so many before her, her vision is born from parental influence. Sadly, she experienced divorce when she was just 8 years old.

Much like Nancy, her father went on to become an exceptional entrepreneur and musician in the entertainment industry. Her mother, however, was left raising Nancy and her sibling.

Inspired by her Father and motivated by witnessing the financial struggles of her Mother, Nancy made a decision that she would curate her own success. She became a woman on a mission to build a life and business of her own to never feel the financial burdens experienced by her mother in her formative years.

At the age of 22, Nancy’s Father dragged her kicking and screaming to attend a personal development workshop and as it turned out, that workshop was a pivotal moment in Nancy’s life and kick-started her journey into what was to become a 20-year span in the personal development space.

This is where Nancy discovered her passion for combining professional and holistic life experiences. She discovered a deep passion for studying human potential, which aligned perfectly with her drive to make the world a better place.

Nancy’s father was working on a movie documenting Denver’s work all over the world. Sadly, both he and John Denver passed before it was completed, but what was left behind was what he inspired in Nancy’s heart.

The Documentary was called “What One Man Can Do”.  Nancy’s tagline “What One (Wo)man Can Do” is both Nancy’s tribute to her father and the perfect reflection of her powerful story.  From DJ to Artist Agency Director, to Certified Coach and qualified NLP Practitioner, Nancy has niched her accreditations, business acumen and industry kudos to authentically lead and nurture high-end artists, crew and management from studio to stage.

More recently, Nancy’s vision has expanded to become a worldwide endeavour. Nancy’s goal is to create a global positive impact, by training and mentoring influential artists to break free from fear-based thinking, unlock their full potential and leverage the power of their voice to create genuine and significant change.

She works one on one with influential musicians and visionaries to harness the power they have from their platform and connection with their fans, to inspire thought, action and change in the world.

Nancy’s passion is inspirational. Her empathy-driven approach to both her clients and humanity as a whole is solidifying a legacy, she will no doubt leave behind. She is a humanitarian-driven woman of authority who is disrupting the ego-centric narrative of the entertainment industry and ultimately working towards creating a better world.

A trailer of the documentary Nancy’s father was producing that has inspired Nancy’s vision
“What One Woman Can Do.”