First and foremost, you are not alone.

CoronaVirus has shaken up the world and we are living in extreme uncertainty. The most powerful resource we have is our community and connection with our peers. Thankfully support groups like Backline in the USA, are hosting a two part webinar series starting today to support the music industry, artists, production and crew.

As we come to a complete stand still, we have an opportunity to reflect. During this time of crisis, we have options that will significantly help our mindset and energy.

  1. Acknowledging that this could be one of the hardest times of our life is crucial to staying present and grounded. Anxiety and fear is undeniable during this time, accepting anxiety can lead to a more peaceful outcome, as written in
  2. If you are in an extremely anxious state, the most effective thing you can do is focus on your breathing immediately. I highly encourage you to focus on breathing in 10 minute intervals though out the day. Read this article in Anxiety Australia and get clear on a powerful technique to decrease anxiety fast.
  3. Ask for support if you need it and connect with your industry peers. Feeling vulnerable is uncomfortable and takes courage to ask for help. Check out this industry facebook group Everybody Matters, for live group meditations and mindfulness practices, also a great way to start connecting.
  4. If fear is running your life right now, the best way to combat it escalating is to slow down and choose a more positive thought. In fact, we have no option but to slow down. Right now, ask yourself, “What thought can I let go of that is no longer serving me?” Choose another thought that will create a more positive flow on effect, and slow down.

We must remember that this time will pass, this as an opportunity to create something different for ourselves and maybe even come back better on the other side.

If you are suffering major anxiety or depression please reach out to:

Support Act – 1800 959 500

Beyond Blue – 1300 46 36

Backline – Fill out their on line contact form to be connected with a case manager

MusiCares – Fill out their online form to be connected with a case manager

Help Musicians –

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