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There is no denying the incredible rush performing gives an artist.

But it’s what happens before and after the show that hits the hardest. 

The crowd goes home, the rush wears off, and all of a sudden you feel a sense of loneliness and self-doubt.

The highs are incredibly sweet, and the lows leave you feeling lonely, isolated, and depressed.

I know how it feels because I was there.

I have seen too many artists try to replicate the on-stage euphoria with alcohol and drugs, and I lost many friends to burnout and depression.

Now I’m on a mission to help artists and creatives cultivate and stay in their power and reach their full potential in a way that is

soulful and sustainable.

From those just at the beginning of their careers to Grammy and Aria-award winners, I have coached hundreds of artists to amplify their power and unlock their full potential both on and off stage. 

They don’t feel worthy of their desires

★ They seek ‘freedom’ in alcohol and other addictions

★ They become physically ill from pre or post-performance anxiety

★ They bat away compliments like they’re an inconvenience

★ They have a subconscious unworthiness wound that drives it all

STARLIGHT has been specifically designed to heal all of the subconscious wounds that are keeping you in lower energies.
We raise your vibration, amplify your power and guide you to achieve your full potential while helping to prevent burnout and anxiety.

Jono Fernandez
Award Winning Producer

The purpose of STARLIGHT is for artists and performers to activate and amplify their power so they can

★ Feel fully inspired and connected to their global mission

★ Tour the world at optimum health (both inside and out)

★ Be empowered and consistently show up in their work and life

★ Build an influential legacy and cultivate extraordinary relationships

★ Release all the anxiety and stress with a new sense of calm

★ Connect deeply and authentically to their communites

★ Be physically and mentally healthy, present, and happier in life



STARLIGHT is a bespoke 3, 6, or 12 month 1:1 intimate coaching program designed to help you embody all of your magic, infuse your dreams with potent energy and cultivate resilience preventing burnout.

STARLIGHT will challenge you to execute at your best and brightest self. 

We will get super clear on your vision, create a plan of action, and dissolve any limiting beliefs or obstacles that are getting in your way.

After coaching hundreds of people ranging from Grammy-award-winning artists to 6 and 7-figure entrepreneurs,
I know the tools, strategies, and resources you need to sustainably hit your goals and feel empowered.

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‘I have recently started working with Nancy as a coach and I can already see the huge shifts within myself. She is that powerful!
I wish I had started with Nancy years ago. Having someone to bounce ideas off, hold you accountable and help you grow in an industry
that can be very solitary and overwhelming is just incredible. Her work is pure magic and I’m honoured to be on her roster of clients.’


Grammy Nominated Electronic Music Producer LA



You will receive weekly live zoom calls and Voxer support and face-to-face meetings (depending on location).

While each individual’s needs are different, I structure our time together to effectively help you:

★ Form radical health and work-life balance

★ Radiate confidence and personal power on and off stage

★ Build resilience and prevent burnout

★ Implement habits that will set you up for success

★ Uncover and heal limiting beliefs

★ Heal energy to remove persistent blocks



If you want to create a huge impact through your work in a way that lights up your soul and helps you become more productive without burnout, then this coaching is for you.

Most of my ideal clients fall into the following two categories:

1)    Artists and media personalities 

2)    Executives, CEOs and professionals

This coaching is targeted at those who live in the spotlight and need to constantly stand in their power and show up as the best version of themselves consistently.

I’ve helped many high-performing individuals and artists (including Grammy and ARIA winners) with things such as:

★ Dissolving anxiety and overload while calming the nervous system

★ Mastering and sustaining energy on and off tour

★ Nurturing long-distance relationships that can withstand touring schedules

★ Boosting productivity and cultivating healthy habits

★ Commercialising your business and monetizing expertise

★ Transitioning between different global markets

★ Balancing between the masculine and feminine energies in business and relationships

★ Booking gigs and shows, aligning brand collaborations, and elevating brands to attract high-paying clients

When you apply for STARLIGHT, you will be called to play big and amplify your power but,
unlike most coaching programs, we’re going to do it in a way that is healing and sustainable long-term.

Lauren Neko
DJ / Vocalist / Producer /Artist



Hi, I’m Nancy,

Mover, shaker, magic-maker

But 10 years ago I wore similar shoes to yours.

Working as a DJ, I was right in the midst of the hustle and grind of the Australian music scene.

It was a wild roller coaster. Not just of emotions, but of income, stability and personal growth.

While I was treading water to make my dreams happen, I, unfortunately, saw peers who became overwhelmed with loneliness, anxiety, and uncertainty; desperately trying to patch their woes with alcohol and drugs.

At the time this situation wasn’t out of the ordinary. It was the norm.

That stark realization hit me like a truck.

There had to be a better, more sustainable way to achieve those dreams. So I set off and dedicated my life to educating myself and helping others turn their life around.

As I transitioned into coaching I underwent the growing pains of running my own business. However, there were many skills that easily translated over. From marketing to budgeting, branding, and knowing how to create a kick-ass team. I personally went through my own trial of fire to create an award-winning business. 

Now, I’m a personal coach for artists and high-performers who want to create a sustainable and soulful work-life balance, make a global impact through their work, create rock-solid boundaries, and level up both personally and professionally.

I’m here to bring the spark back to light you up.

To help you fall back in love with your mission and purpose so you have the confidence to make a greater impact on the world.

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Here’s what you need to know about my level of service and dedication to you when you choose to apply for STARLIGHT. It’s not every day you see a coach who:

★ Has over 20 years in the music and media industry where grit and determination are critical to success

★ Has built TWO successful businesses which are still running

★ Has received industry awards and nominations for business

★ A Rolodex of amazing client success stories ranging from Grammy-award winning to multi-7-figure business owners shining their light in the world

★ Is an accredited master of human potential, a Neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, and an intuitive energy coach

★ Has devoted the past 10 years exclusively to working with artists and high-performing individuals, helping them realize and execute their full potential

★ Is a marketing and branding sage who consults with some of the top businesses in the country

But most importantly,

I am excellent at what I do. I mean really. I care deeply about the person you are, and can gracefully bridge the gap to who you need to be to achieve your goals and FEEL incredibly nurtured along the way.

Because nothing changes if nothing changes.

My mission to help others shine bright and create their impact on the world.

Remember, nothing great was ever accomplished alone. With the right resources and support, anything is possible.

Let’s reach for the stars together.

Because you deserve it all.





3 Months

or 3 x $4,000


Six Months

or 6 x $4,167


Twelve Months

or 12 x $3,750