I’m going to get extremely straight with you. It’s time to do something different.

Thirty-one of the most extraordinary musicians on the planet died by suicide – as written in this article in Ranker in December 2020. This does not include incredible artists such as George Michael and Prince who passed away due to poor health, exhaustion, pressures of the industry and not being fully prepared for what was expected both physically and mentally as a touring global artist. It’s HEARTBREAKING and preventable.

It is evident that if we do not focus on putting prevention strategies in place now we will lose more of our favourite musicians.

I began my mission as a Wingwoman for artists because as a DJ and performing artist I was exposed to some dreadful behind the scenes, and many of my friends didn’t make it. It became apparent that preventing danger was more important in this industry than any other.

Empowering one artist with a Wingwoman will impact a generation of fans and most importantly help an artist sustain a career and a life they love.

“Learning how to walk with fear and success at the same time is vital. It is paramount we embrace this from the beginning of an artists career, not react when it all gets out of hand”

Mental Health is one piece, however there is an extremely important component that I am bringing to the table. It’s deep, it’s spiritual and it works. It’s energetics, alignment, clear boundaries and a solid connection with your intuition and the truth of you.

The greatest issue we face is, artists don’t even know who they are and suffer from unclear boundaries and low self worth. They may have done therapy, counselling and rehab, however there is still disconnection, unhappiness and loneliness which is hard to shift.

I know because they are my clients.

Once I learnt the power of mastering my energy and emotional scale and state I was able to do the same for my clients, and we haven’t looked back. I invite you to consider the importance of energy and alignment work as a part of your world and investing in this as an artist, or for your artist. It’s more than mindfulness and way more potent.

It is our wholeness. A place within us to come home to where everything makes sense.

Best of all, it’s within all of us. All the time.

If you desire help to find peace, authenticity and deeper connection to yourself, this work is for you.

Boundaries, standards, self worth and life take on a whole new meaning. Managing physical and mental health on and off tour becomes sustainable and extremely rewarding.

Even in the most high pressured out-of-control situations in your life you will feel a sense of ease and peace with a Wingwoman by your side.



In an industry dependent on long hours, gruelling schedules, poor wellbeing and comprised nutrition, I’m on a mission to flip the switch and transform the industry, to provide a nurturing hub for physical, emotional and mental wellbeing; which is key to building sustainable artists and careers in the music industry” – Nancy Lipman

With a career spanning over 20 years in the music and media industry, Nancy has successfully identified, developed, coached and mentored high-calibre talent, both locally and internationally.

Nancy’s own creative and professional evolution allows her to empathise and holistically connect to the artists’ journey. Walking the walk from DJ to Artist Agency Director, to Certified Life Coach and internationally qualified NLP Practitioner, Nancy has niched her accreditations, business acumen and industry kudos to authentically lead and nurture high-end artists, crew and management from studio to stage.

Nancy’s exclusive Wingwoman methodology combines her wealth of experience, passion and focus for the artists’ wellbeing to deliver prevention strategies for both on and off tour challenges. Nancy is on a mission to nurture and intuitively support high-end music artists to reduce the highs and lows of the music industry, creating positive and sustainable mindsets to ensure ongoing success and longevity for the busiest and most successful artists in the world

If you are feeling low and are seeking assistance please check out any of these resources for more information and support.